New CWT Evolution

All electric flatbed applicator and worktable

Press play

Fast assembly, easy to use

CWT work tables are designed in modules, making them simple to transport, taking up less space and thus reducing transport costs. They will fit through a standard door and then assembly is easy.

Watch the film, and get started!

Getting started

The work table are easy to use so no need for special staff, most people operates the applicator within one hour with fantastic results. Our flat bed applicator gives much better control and less waste than conventional roll laminators due to the easy and precise positioning of the materials and allows a much wider range of materials to be laminated.

Save up to 80–85% production time

The time to produce on a manual basis is excessive in comparison with process offered by the new CWT worktable. Estimated reduction of the production time is up to 80–85%!

Save up to 80–85% production time

Save up to 80–85% production time

NEW! CWT Evolution
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Our CWT table is simple, smart and reliable.

We are now producing all aspects of our laminating with a single staff member.


CWT has increased our productivity by 70-80%

Due to the semi-automated laminating process, CWT has increased our productivity by 70-80%

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